North Downsview Family Health Organization

Our office has joined a Family Health Organization.

We now provide:

Contact us first for all your medical needs

Call our office first. We will be able to provide care by other members at other locations. Our outgoing message will provide you with details of our locations and hours

Call Telehealth Ontario if we are not available

1-866-553-7205. This service is available to you at all hours. You can call anytime to speak to a health care professional who will give you appropriate medical advice.

Avoid walk-in clinics

Using these facilities hurts your continuity of care. Walk-ins are unaware of your conditions and may prescribe or treat inappropriately.

We are not able to share records with walk-in clinics and will not know what medications or treatments they have given you.

We encourage you to contact us by telephone with medical issues.
Do not sign any forms at any other clinics.

This action will remove you from our roster and the advanced care we offer.